Startup trends & ideas

Been thinking about some interesting trends as part of my divergent thinking:

  1. Distributed computing -> as mobile phones and various other micro-computers proliferate, the number of spare computing cycles increase too. I was previously thinking of what's next for the sharing economy, it does seem that distributing computing is one. Key is in identifying computationally-intensive business processes that are bottlenecking at big enterprises now.

  2. Crowdfunded/ Smart insurance companies -> how about an insurance company that helps you reduce risks? Owned by the various policyholders? Collects more data about you so that they can price risk more effectively?

Some other random ideas floating around that I need to pen down:

  1. Adult university -> we are put through the process in learning our ABC's, our arithmetic and history, but no one has really taught us how to be effective adults. It's ridiculous the most high-leverage skills of being an effective person (relationship, financial management, sales skills, learning abilities) are left for us to pick up almost by chance. There might be a market for an adult university where these skills are taught. Format will be very different from traditional education. I imagine it'd look a lot like how we already learn these skills on our own -a lot of talking to experienced individuals, a lot of self-learning, group experience. The key is in acceleration and enforcing social pressure.

  2. Opportunities Butler -> a search tool that regularly delivers you all forms of skill-building opportunities from all over the inter-webs based on the skill profile that you currently have.

  3. Supercharge career counselor -> a big-data platform that generates insights on the careers that you should gun for based on market conditions, your skills and your interests. A career is an investment, and it only makes sense that you have the widest range of options and information. There might be a job in Sweden that is perfect for you, but you'd never know about it because traditional job portals don't recommend.

  4. Perfect marketplace for jobs -> a16z notes that good online marketplaces enables 'perfect competition', or pushes the market towards it. But why doesn't this happen for jobs? There are several obvious barriers, such as switching costs, culture of confidentiality etc.

  5. End-to-end startups ->; taking care of the entire user experience instead of injecting technology into an existing industry. In our case, training -> jobs

  6. Personalized 'playlist' of career and skill-building activities, courses, goals, opportunities -> rigorous personalization for career offices to view students' professional development

  7. Unbundling of Education/ Education as a Service -> Unbundling is not going away. We have no doubt that in the future, for example, instead of owning one car long term, we will choose which vehicle we need for any given situation. We’ll invest in the opportunity to have the right vehicle for commuting, heading out on a road trip, carpooling, enjoying a sunny drive, or hauling big items. We’ll compromise less and use what we need more in all the ways that most influence our standard of living

  8. Open Platform for Skill-building Contribution and Projects -> eg.

    There's potential for non-profit projects, and open-source contributions, as well as small paid projects that are non-critical to the company.

  9. Education-as-a-service -> hadn't really thought through how that would look like, just thought it's a unique combination

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