Curls & Obliques

Chin-ups - inverted

From an inverted hang perform a chin-up. These are quite difficult; even very strong athletes will find it quite challenging to pull up to a 90° bend in the elbows.

These may be performed in a tuck, pike or straight body on the Xtreme Rings, on the parallel bars or even hanging from the bottom of a set of dip bars. Most people will find the tuck and pike positions to be the most stable. The straight body variation is performed most comfortably on the Xtreme Rings as the balance can be quite awkward on a single bar.

Windshield wipers - supine

To begin supine windshield wipers, lie upon the ground with the arms out to the side and pressing firmly into the ground. Now lift your legs until your feet are pointing to the ceiling; it is important for the feet to be directly above the hips. Lower the feet to the side, attempting to keep the hips on the ground. Pull back to vertical and repeat on the other side.

If desired weight may also be added to the ankles for this movement.

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