Daily Must's

Post-reflection, the insight that we are mostly creatures of habit resurfaced. I forget the precise statistics, but a good majority of our daily thoughts, actions and speech is an unconscious momentum from the day before -in other words, habits.

Applying the 'if this is my last day' test on my life in the past few days hadn't left me very satisifed, thus I've decided to take massive action in instilling several MUST'S in my daily life. I commit to acting upon them for minimally the next 30 days, and will document my progress here.


1. Exercise for at least 30 minutes daily (keeping track  with Oswald's fitness app)
2. Have a hearty breakfast, filling lunch and fruits and vegetable for dinner, and nothing else.
3. Limit carbs to lunch and breakfast, in that order of volume.
4. Sleep by 10pm and rise by 5am.


1. Meditate for minimally 20 minutes daily before lunch. (12pm)
2. Detail my daily reflections and gratitude at the end of the day.


1. Assess trading system at the end of the day to rebalance risk exposure and expectancy.
2. Document every trade made (size, position, duration, thinking behind).


1. Write down 3 major goals for the day at the start of the day.
2. Conduct mid-day and end-of-day review.
3. Stop work by 9pm.

Mental/ Personal Development

1. Read my affirmations first thing in the morning.
2. Listen to Tony Robbins PPII daily and do his assignments here.
3. Read 3 pages of CLRS and do 1 challenge on HackerRank.

Day in My Life

05:00 - Rise and shine (drink at least 350ml of warm water)
05:15 - Read affirmations and yesterday's reflections +  gratitude
05:30 - Hearty breakfast (fruits/almond powder drink/soylent/break and butter)
05:45 - Set off to the gym with TR on the iPod.
06:00 - Work through my regime with TR on the play.
06:50 - Wash up
07:00 - 20-min Morning Meditation
07:30 - Hit office, and review 3 major things
07:45 - Do TR exercise
08:00 - Clear inbox
08:30 - Work on first thing (mostly code)
11:00 - Stand-up Scrum Meeting
12:00 - Meditation
12:30 - Lunch
13:30 - Mid-day Review
14:00 - Work through rest of my things (more of manager schedule)
19:00 - Do 1 challenge on HackerRank
19:30 - Read 3 pages of CLRS
20:00 - Assess trading system
20:30 - Document trades
21:00 - Head home
21:30 - Daily reflections and gratitude
22:00 - Retire to bed

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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