Day #18 -Ending Financial Sabotage

If you are sabotaging yourself financially, it’s because you believe on some level that the accumulation of money is going to lead to more pain than pleasure.

To begin attracting wealth you must:

1. recognize you’re already wealthy;

2. believe that you’re also creating a way for others to fulfill their dreams.

Here’s how to eliminate financial self-sabotage.

1. Write a description of all of the pain you experience because you don’t have the financial abundance you deserve.

- can't afford to pay for my school fees
- inferior self-esteem
- feeling of failure
- embarassment by relatives for pursuing my own dreams
- chained to an office job for life
- perpetually feeling lack
- unable to pay off my parents
- unable to give my parents a good life
- unable to bring my family overseas for holidays
- unable to lift us off from the economic band we were born into

2. List words that you associate to money.

- freedom
- abundance
- power
- wealth
- flow
- force field
- luxury
- abandon
- peace of mind

3. Write down what you remember hearing about money when you were growing up.

- money is not easy to make
- money doesn't come at will
- money is a force field

4. Write how your life would be greater and better if lack of money were no longer an issue.

- I wouldn't worry so much about my spending
- I would be able to reward myself
- I can pursue opportunities for myself without financial concern
- I can do more good
- I can gift my family the life they deserve
- I can live well
- I can drive fast cars
- I can afford to stay anywhere in the world
- I can buy once-in-a-lifetime experience
- I can afford to work on things I really love
- I can afford profound experience
- I can really live stress-free

5. Remove your limiting beliefs by attaching new beliefs to them or ridiculing them. Write down this information and say it to yourself over and over again.

- money is not easy to make, only if you're stupid and lazy
- money doesn't come at will, if you have a weak will

Empowering beliefs that will lead you to financial freedom:

1. The more I give to others, the more money I receive on an ongoing, consistent basis.
2. I must live in an attitude of gratitude and I must give much more to others than I expect back.

Financial abundance comes from doing what you love doing and making sure it creates tremendous value for other people. To find the appropriate vehicle for building wealth, answer the following questions:

1. What do you love to do most?
2. How could you do this to benefit others so that they would be willing to invest in it?
3. How could you do it to reach a multitude of people?
4. How could you do it intelligently so that it remains profitable?

Above all, make sure you’re a giver!

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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