Day #18 So Far


07:45 - Rise and Shine
08:00 - Set off to office
08:30 - Set off to gym with TR on iPod
08:40 - Reach gym and start workout
09:30 - Complete workout
09:50 - Return to Office
10:00 - Breakfast
10:25 - Clear inbox
10:40 - TR Exercise
10:50 - Affirmations
11:00 - Skype Alven


05:00 - Rise and shine (drink at least 350ml of warm water)
05:15 - Read affirmations and yesterday's reflections +  gratitude
05:30 - Hearty breakfast (fruits/almond powder drink/soylent/break and butter)
05:45 - Set off to the gym with TR on the iPod.
06:00 - Work through my regime with TR on the play.
06:50 - Wash up
07:30 - Hit office, and review 3 major things
07:45 - Do TR exercise
08:00 - Clear inbox
08:30 - Work on first thing (mostly code)
11:00 - Stand-up Scrum Meeting
12:00 - Meditation
12:30 - Lunch
13:30 - Mid-day Review
14:00 - Work through rest of my things (more of manager schedule)
15:00 - 20-min Morning Meditation
19:00 - Do 1 challenge on HackerRank
19:30 - Read 3 pages of CLRS
20:00 - Assess trading system
20:30 - Document trades
21:00 - Head home
21:30 - Daily reflections and gratitude
22:00 - Retire to bed

1) What am I most excited about today?

Entering the zone, conquering my inertia about coding. Breaking my limits on productivity. Completing zumata challenges.

2) Who do I love and who loves me?

My parents, my family, my friends and my team.

3) Why am I here? What's my life's purpose?

I am here to contribute, to impact the world in the way that only I can, which is to build high-tech companies that augment our humanity and enhance our lives. To create delightful products and experiences!

4) What am I grateful for?

I'm grateful for having such capable team members, such a great living environment, awesome working space, incredible habits, and flow.

5) How would I live if today is my last day?

I would not waste a single second on worry or regret, on the past or the future. Every single second will be spent in the present, feeling successful and totally joyous. I would enter the flow. I would not be judgmental nor negative. I'll be accepting and step up when necessary.

3 Ideas

  1. A platform for all your learning needs -charge for lead gen to resources
  2. Setting up a trend-following trading plan
  3. Helping traders with computerizing their trading plans

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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