Feedback from Made In Alpha

names are easily searchable from their experiences and online presence, yet companies want to see online profiles

Simply type n their experiences plus 'LinkedIn'

They didn't circumvent us because that's not who they are, and having a human touch makes that harder emotionally

Jack wouldn't have jumped unto the program so quickly if not for the call

Having an account executive makes everything easier, especially the management of job postings

People also respond much faster with whatsapp

should add UIUX designers into pool because they're hard to find

there were overlaps between the buckets of candidates

They want an easy way to see everyone, with filters

1 filter is skill level - I don't know, I know, somewhat proficient

Another filter is whether they can legally work in Singapore

Bookmarking function is good too

Company job posting flow

Social media accounts are necessary, if possible, autofill fields

Don't need styling for company fields

Job role should come before job title

Check our toptal or upwork for how they deal with skills

Tags should just be skills to keep it neat

Tips are great, having these small touches separate us from the other portals

Great that equity isn't specified upfront because it's negotiable based on the candidate

Great to have is an API for custom sites to send in job applications

Doodle is a good template for interview scheduling, have calendars overlap

Companies want to know if candidates have seen the invites

Internal note is a good-to-have feature for sharing with teammates

Seah Ying Cong

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