Gratitude & Reflections

Grateful for:

  • Finally regaining a house that we can clean
  • Waking up at 5am and working out as planned
  • Refining my rules about success: every day above ground is a success! Feeling successful will not in any way diminish my motivation, in fact, it'll add to it!

Reflecting on:

  • Felt bloated right before dinner: don't snack too much
  • Lost momentum in mid-day: stay focussed on end-goal

1) What am I most excited about today?

Refining the DST mockups and bringing the product one day closer to completion

2) Who do I love and who loves me?

My parents, my family

3) Why am I here? What's my life's purpose?

I am here to contribute, to impact the world in the way I'm best suited for, which is to build high-tech companies that augment our humanity.

4) What am I grateful for?

I'm grateful for the mentors I have, the opportunities that have come by me, the people who have touched my lives and joined me on this journey, and my capacity for discipline.

5) How would I live if today is my last day?

I would not waste a single second on worry or regret, on the past or the future. Every single second will be spent in the present, feeling successful and totally joyous.

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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