Part 1

Cat stretch on a box, 30 seconds. Start with some dislocates beforehand if you have particular shoulder tightness.

Arms back on floor, 30 seconds. Can be done with bent arms if you have hyperflexible elbows.

Seated pike with back relatively straight (don’t round forward), 30 seconds.

Seated straddle, 30 seconds.

Frog straddle, 30 seconds.

Side splits, 30 seconds.

Knee lunge, 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Front splits, rear knee down (torso either upright or piked forward as in the photo), 30 seconds.

Then with rear knee straight, 30 seconds. Repeat them both once. Then switch legs and do it all again.

Part 2

Cat stretch for 60 seconds.

Arms-back shoulder stretch for 60 seconds.

Seated straddle for 60 seconds, with or without pancake.

Side splits for 90 seconds.

Front splits for 90 seconds. Switch legs and repeat.

Part 3

Stretch any weaknesses missed.

Cobra if desired.

Seah Ying Cong

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