Learnings from IDEO HCD

Define a Design Challenge

  • needs to have a finite timeframe
  • expressed in terms of the end-users' needs
  • begin with active words

eg. 'Create an innovative solution for students to acquire real-world skills on top of formal education'



  • compile transcripts and print them out
  • every team member reads through transcripts
  • team member shares stories
  • every team member will identify patterns and write down key insights, backed by observation, on post-it notes as meeting progresses

Insights extrapolate individual stories into overarching truths


Observation: Farmers rely on farming information from their friends and neighbors, though they know this knowledge is limited.

Quote: “If the Privatized Extension Agent lived outside my area, I would want to visit his farm so I could see his production.”

Insight: Trust-building and knowledge sharing happens through ‘seeing is believing.’

Brainstorm Wild Ideas

  • defer judgment till end of session
  • work off insights
  • go for quantity above quality (100 mediocre ideas for 1 great idea)

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