Mobility Exercises

Hold each position for > 2 mins

Squat…for 10 Minutes

  • feet pointing forward
  • force knees out

Correct Your Calves

Be mindful of: Your knee. By bending your knee during the initial stretch, you can target more of the soleus, or the lower part of your calf. Straightening the knee targets your gastrocnemius (the upper part). You’ll want to spend time working on both!

Lengthen the Front of Your Hip

Be mindful of: Your back. The second exercise in the video places your foot up against a wall to attack your quad using both the hip and the knee joint. Many individuals aren’t even flexible enough to get in the proper position for that exercise, says Somerset. With your foot up against the wall, make sure you’re core is tight and your lower back isn’t hyperextended. If you’re having trouble getting into position, try moving your knee away from the wall (this will reduce the stretch on your quad).


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