Ngee Ann Product Demo

Important: product demo is not an iteration of product features. It is story-telling that is tailored to the audience's needs.

Audience: Teaching staff





What's Important to Them:

  • ease of explanation to students
  • does it help them reinforce their lessons to the students
  • is it aligned with their curriculum


  • keep the number of steps minimum
  • emphasize ease of use (count number of steps even)
  • highlight selling points for them -> make it easy to sell


1. Purpose:

  • platform for students to find interesting internships in startups and smaller companies
  • to give students extra options
  • for a start, we kept the functions simple to simplify onboarding
  • if student has browsed through the internal portal, and ask "Any more options, more startups?", here's the place to go

2. Overview

  • 3 simple chunks: create, browse, apply

3. Create

  • create account
  • register: a simple 2-step process
  • login: check for ngee ann domain
  • fill up profile -> showcase resume parsing
  • multiple profiles is an option, but otherwise, they are good to go!

4. Browse

  • as simple as scrolling facebook
  • encouraged companies to showcase their culture
  • image-heavy
  • description tailored to the interns
  • if they still can't decide, curated jobs -> jobs chosen based on companies' past records of providing good internship experience

5. Apply

  • 2-click process
  • upload cover letter
  • check for resumes
  • good to go

6. Bonus

  • company view
  • resources

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