Notes on Testing


  1. Equivalence Partitioning
  2. Boundary Value Analysis


  1. create fixtures (populate data)
  2. create mock api client
  3. get access token (using auth data from fixtures)
  4. get 2nd access token (for 2nd user)
  5. tests:

    1. return 200 when requesting resource
    2. return the resource itself
    3. return resource count
    4. return 200 for resource creation
    5. newly created resource should be accessible
    6. return error for duplicate addition (for unique resource)
    7. after erroneous duplicate addition, skill length should be the same
    8. should return unauthorized when adding resouce without authentication
    9. should return no content when deleting resouce
    10. deleted skills should subsequently not appear
    11. should return unauthorized when deleting resouce while unauthenticated
    12. should return bad request when deleting resouce that doesn't exist
    13. after erroneous deletion, resouce number should be the same

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