Oz 1-1

If we could improve in any way, how would we do it? 

Focus more
Work more intensely
Firmer with each other, and calling out each other's bullshit
Saying 'no' to each other's request
Raise the hiring bar
Only hire the best, or undervalued stocks
Need to track our key results more
Need more communication between the teams
Everyone needs to know what he's working on, and why it's important
We've come to a stage where we can start delegating more
2 roles: specialist and managerial
Should move more towards managerial role
Need to be more transparent about what everyone is doing

What’s the No. 1 problem with our organization? Why? 

Distractions and not focused
Preventing us from really growing as a company
When different departments are working on different things, there's a lack of synergy
All of us should row the boat in unison
What’s not fun about working here? 

Seeing wasted resources
When people are underutilized
There's a strong hidden costs too, due to impact on culture
Who is really kicking ass in the company? Who do you admire? 

Because he commands the highest trust
Credible due to principles and work ethics
Competence -he's very good at what he's doing
If everyone is like him, the organization will grow and move very fast
If you were me, what changes would you make?

2 parts
Role as product manager
Code less and focus on overall output of product team
That'll allow the team to achieve more and be more productive
Work more intensely and work on the skill of getting things done
If we agree to do something, we should work on delivering it within the timeframe
Role as CTO and cofounder
Say no to things more often
Call out on other cofounder's bullshit
Get to work on the DST -don't think too much about the whole strategy
Start shipping asap
What don’t you like about the product? 

It's not reflecting our vision of being a career discovery platform
Portal is not optimized for user, but rather for SEO
That it's not the DST yet
What’s the biggest opportunity that we’re missing out on? 

Tapping on the DST potential
There's a lot of money here to be made
We don't know how large is the opportunity -even for skillsfuture, there are a few million dollars there
SkillsFuture market alone is $1bn
What are we not doing that we should be doing? 

We're not focusing enough
We're not moving fast enough
The sales team is not disciplined enough about looking at our metrics and strategizing to improve
The product team is not working fast enough on the right things
The marketing team is not measuring its results enough
Are you happy working here?

What are we doing well that we should continue doing?

We are all happy, which is good
It's easy for us to attract talent
Conversion rate is high for recruitment
Have built out a powerful network of mentors and advisors
Should continue to seek advice from advisors more
3 of us are good friends
In general, everyone are good friends
We're taking care of our health, and that's important
We have the right rituals, like OKRs and Naked Friday's, just need to develop them more
What I should continue doing well?

State management -high energy now
Good at analyzing the problem
Good friend
Good at bringing the product team together
Open to feedback

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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