1) Intro your co

  • career discovery & dev platform for youths
  • help youths discover and develop their ikigai (a career they love and excel in)

2) Intro a Chinese entrepreneur that interests you the most

  • 王晓湘 founder of 不知名茶, who signed on 1000 tea plantations
  • interests us the most because she is the epitome of ikigai
  • she's passionate, she's good, the world values her skills, and there's a higher mission of spreading the tea culture

3) What's the diff between CN env and SG env? How that contributes to the dev of our co?

  • 1 obvious difference: market size
  • sg entrepreneurs are forced to look outside from day 1
  • china inspires us

4) Why come to CN?

  • great wall of china
  • peking duck

Seah Ying Cong

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