Siddiqui Interview

Currently working on a game development for 4 months, till the end of the year

Now doing more backend

Normally do web development, oversees web dev

Hardest project, to replicate -> requirement is that the code is real-time

If you're a cabbie, and the passenger provides info about his ride, this will appear on cab operator's end in real-time

Used the express framework to support real-time, not that into sails js back then

Used web sockets, library

Took around 4 months for the first version

He's primarily involved in node.js and frontend dev -> bought a template and integrated that template

Even at logicunit, he's also worked with designers and a team of dev's

Normally, they make a requirements analysis document, jot down all the points that need to be completed

Had experience with Docker, but only use it in local development

Saw a Docker event on Twitter, and explored it himself, did Hello World app, and introduced it to his team and boss

Each dev will be given a text file with commands and Dockerfile to execute to set up the environment

Biggest slip-up is 4 months, because clients have vague and changing requirements

Common cause: customers changing their minds

His experience is that US and European clients know what they want, but Middle-Easten clients don't know anything, so you need to add in buffer for them

Had to do something with a checkout, couldn't integrate a checkout client with their mobile app, deciding to use Apache Cordova

Biggest mistake is not doing requirements analysis for a project -> something that he regretted, from then on he did proper requirements analysis

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