Strangely Vivid Dream

Just had the most vivid dream, where I was partially lucid in my self-awareness. I dreamt that I was interviewing a recruiter and a designer about their ideal platform to display their portfolio.

The coolest thing about the dream was that they could convey their ideas to me directly via visuals. The entire dream was occupied by a central canvas coloured and shaped by our collective inputs. I can't even remember their faces, but I definitely remember their voices and design input.

From the dream, it was unclear which platform the design is intended for, though it seemed to be for the desktop with touch elements. Most elements have slipped my mind, except for one.

It seems that the user interaction mode for browsing through a portfolio is akin to that of a wardrobe, where you swish by clothes to choose the one that suits you most. There is an enlarged view of the one in selection, with the peripheral 5 on both sides previewed. The colour scheme of the entire interface also adapts to the portfolio in selection to convey the look and feel more vicariously. On 2nd thoughts, this sounds like a more immersive carousel.

I lucidly remember that I was about to move on to my 2nd interview, when I decided that I have work to do, and thus woke up. Boy, was that a wondrous strange dream.

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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