TR Day #15 -Defeat Procrastination!

A pattern interrupt for each of my five negative emotions would be:

  1. Overwhelm:

-think about all the things I have to do

-imagine me not being able to complete them

-drag my feet on them

Pattern Interrupt: immediately brain dump all my to-do's, break them up and start working on the first item

  1. Frustration

-think that my product have to be 10X better and I need a technical insight

-set unrealistically high expectations before taking action

Pattern Interrupt: once I am 2X better than current offerings, immediately get to work and trust that insights will emerge as I progress

  1. Boredom

-mentally block out any mundane tasks

-believe that I need a quick fix

Pattern Interrupt: immediately meditate

  1. Tired

-sleep late the night before

-feel the drag of the day and avoid entering flow of my tasks

Pattern interrupt: take a shower, wash my face, go gym

  1. Irritable

-sleep late, avoid exercise, forgo meditation

Pattern interrupt: take a shower, wash my face, go gym

A trigger for my positive emotions would be:

  1. Flow

-listen to soothing music, complete my daily must's

  1. Joy

-interact with people I respect and appreciate -visualize my ideal day/life

  1. Gratitude

-think and reflect on all the good things in my life

  1. Motivation

-visualize my ideal life

  1. Mindfulness

-meditation and awareness

What I do to get into a ritual of procrastination and how I can break out of it:

  1. Think about the amount of work I have to do and feel the pain
  2. Think about the pleasure of not doing -find pleasurable tasks with immediate gratification to spend my time
  3. Push everything off

Pattern Interrupt:

  1. Break down my tasks into manageable pieces
  2. Start work on 1 part of it
  3. Feel the pain of incompletion

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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