TR Day #17 -Financial Abundance

Seven Reasons Why Most People Never Make It Financially

  1. They associate negative things to making and/or having money.
  2. They never make having an abundance of money an absolute must.
  3. They never develop an effective strategy for building wealth.
  4. They fail to follow through consistently on their financial plan.
  5. They rely too much on “experts.”
  6. They become financially complacent.
  7. They allow financial crisis to turn into financial ruin.

  1. My most limiting beliefs about having absolute financial abundance:
    • I need to work hard for money
    • Having an abundance of money is not an absolute must for me
    • Focussing on money will take time away from self-actualization
  2. What specific amount of money represents financial abundance to me?
    • $3.5 mil
  3. What I will do today toward developing a financial plan:
    • Listen to 1 video from FTA
  4. What I learned today that I can use to make progress:
    • Focus on following through my strategy
    • It doesn't matter that my plans don't make me millions yet
  5. Financial terms and aspects of personal finance I don’t currently understand fully:
    • Taxes
    • Commission Fees
    • Margins of safety
    • Portfolio allocation
  6. Why I’m committed to follow through:
    • Because this will liberate my mind to focus on my passions
    • Because having abundance will allow me to give and contribute
    • I can't wait any longer. I am already well into my 20's, such waiting has cost me much in the past.
  7. One or two situations from the past when I pulled through despite difficulty:
    • Army
    • A-levels -> I was falling behind by a huge chunk but through an intense period of focussed effort, I manage to pull myself up to speed and even score A's

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