TR Day 2

Four new actions I know I should take now:

  1. Clear my inbox
  2. Respond to customer feedback
  3. Aggressively hire
  4. Work on dashboard code

The pain I’ve associated with these actions in the past:

  1. Certain emails call for massive action, which will sap my energy from my key tasks of the day.
  2. Customer complaints hurts to read, especially when you are the product manager.
  3. Hiring takes time away from coding, and moves me further from my other goals as a product manager. These other goals are more immediate, as I'll feel the pain of it during every stand-up meeting.
  4. Not fully understanding the codebase disable me from moving as fast as I'd like to, which makes me feel unproductive.

The pleasure I took from not following through in the past:

  1. Feels like I'm more focussed on the right things by ignoring my inbox.
  2. Rationalize that working on the product directly will make these complaints go away.
  3. Work on the product directly so I don't have to hire. Feel more productive in the short run.
  4. Work on other things, where I feel more empowered.

What it will cost me if I don’t follow through now:

  1. Inbox will pile up, and important/urgent emails will miss me, causing others to think me unresponsive.
  2. Customer resentment will build up, company image destroyed.
  3. In the long run, the company will pay a heavy penalty for manpower shortage, crippling us on execution speed.
  4. YJ will struggle to bring dashboard up, everything will get pushed back, including our revenue goals. Eventually, it might even kill the company.

The benefits I’ll gain by taking action in each of these areas now:

 1. Sense of peace when I clear it, knowing that the urgent matters have been settled.
2. Create happy customers, who will refer their friends, and contribute towards traction
3. Build a highly effective, high-performing team who will achieve more than I ever can on my own
4. Pushing out dashboard asap, and move on with DST

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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