TR Day 4

1) Stop nop
2) Avoid junk food
3) Shipping code
4) Waking up before 7am daily

a. Ten reasons why I must change now, and why I know I can do it:

b. Four or five ways to get myself out of the limiting associations:

1a1. It destroys my calmness and flow
1a2. It makes me feel extremely uncomfortable
1a3. It induces guilt
1a4. It decreases my quality of life
1a5. I have done it before.
1a6. It's hindering my spiritual growth
1a7. It causes me to make stupid mistakes, like leaving my phone behind
1a8. It decreases my vitality
1a9. I feel a lot less vibrant after that
1a10. I enjoy being nop-free

1b1. Every time the impulse surges, focus on my breath
1b2. Do deep breathing exercises when I catch myself
1b3. Visualize a bright glowing light
1b4. Intend to meditate instead

2a1. It's destroying the progress I've made in the gym
2a2. Carb-free life is extremely light and pleasurable
2a3. It makes me feel heavy
2a4. Down the road, my veins will be clogged
2a5. It makes me feel extremely drowsy, I feel sedated
2a6. It is an energy suck
2a7. It makes me feel really really bad
2a8. It makes me question my discipline.
2a9. I can survive more heathiliy without it
2a10. Without it, I'll feel like my alertness is finally unearthed

2b1. Eat fruits instead.
2b2. Meditate instead.
2b3. Drink copious amounts of water and savour it.
2b4. Feel my stomach and sense if I'm really hungry
2b5. Be aware of where the hunger really comes from and watch it

3a1. Over the long run, fear of diving into code will kill the product
3a2. It's ok for the code to be ugly at first, I'm still learning
3a3. I've proven to be a quick study
3a4. I won't earn the respect of my product team
3a5. I'll let my team down
3a6. I can converse intelligently and effectively with my team
3a7. It empowers me to build great products that everyone love
3a8. Even experts face the fog, but they all overcome it
3a9. I'm always inches away from a plateau breakthrough, and I'm always making progress
3a10. Code is my friend, it is my tool for greatness

3b1. When facing the wall, imagine myself as a swashbuckling navigator of strange grounds
3b2. Ask Yong Jie for help if needed
3b3. Remember my motto -"Always be shipping"
3b4. Take a short walk to clear my mind
3b5. Break down my tasks into small portions and immediately work on the first one

4a1. I have done it religiously before
4a2. My entire day is ruined if I wake up late
4a3. Waking up late means half my day is gone before I begin any work
4a4. Waking up early practically doubles my life time
4a5. It sets my day on a successful note
4a6. It strengthens my self-image of discipline
4a7. There is an optimal amount of sleep which I can still receive
4a8. I'll feel vibrant, energetic and effective for the entire day
4a9. I'll feel that it's a life well-led
4a10. I'll achieve superhuman feats

4b1. Sleep when I feel the exhaustion
4b2. When my alarm rings, immediately leap up
4b3. Look forward to my morning workout and breathing exercise
4b4. Look forward to my visualization period

Seah Ying Cong

Old soul in an older body.

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