TR Day 9 -Beliefs and Values

Values are simply labels that we tag onto varying levels of pleasure and pain.

All decision making is nothing but values clarification.

A belief is a felling of certainty about the meaning of something

1/2. What's most important to me in life and its order of importance?









3/4. What're my moving-away-from values?




Ennui/ Emptiness






5.What has to happen for me to feel each of these emotions (moving-toward and moving-away-from values)?

Success -"a fast-growing business, takes good care of family, secure finances, contributing to society?

Love -"regularly feeling radiant, warm love"

Health -"exercising regularly, eating well"

Growth -"learning every day, be it via books or in person"

Contribution -"witness lives drastically improve because of what I've done"

Discipline/ Mindful -"do at least one thing every day that few people are willing to do, eg. waking up at 5am, meditate"

Joy/ Gratitude/ Aliveness -"overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude and joy frequently through the day"

Adventure -"set off on journeys, physical or otherwise, that excite me, challenge my current beliefs, and overwhelm me with awe"

Guilt -"Neglected on my duties over the long run, misplacing my priorities"

Regret -"Having wasted time that I thought I have an abundance of"

Depression -"The future and present appears pessimistic and gloomy to me, feeling a sense of inferiority and helplessness"

Ennui/ Emptiness -"Not feeling much even though I do a lot, not doing a whole lot, not making contributions, not growing, now awed"

Loneliness -"Being unable to connect with my immediate environment"

Apathy -"A state of not caring about anything, even for matters that are fundamentally important, like family and the community"

Humiliation -"Being publicly laughed at for my personality defects"

Anger -"Totally losing my temper, even with warrant"

Lust -"Being tempted away from discipline and mindfulness"

  1. The rules I’m willing to change now to improve my life forever:

"Success isn't a binary state -it is a continuum and it is a process, meaning that I can feel successful every day, and still improve significantly everty day!"

"Humiliation is when I committed a moral sin even though I know full well not to, even if I'm not exposed"

Seah Ying Cong

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