Updates to Tech Milestones

  1. Database Scaling Strategy (Partitioning strategy beyond current capacity)

    We will furnish with further details when user numbers exceed 2 million (will consume 80GB of data, with 100GB being the threshold)

  2. Monitoring - Glints team to come up with the KPI and monitoring plans for:

    • Website availability: monitoring with Pingdom, when server goes down, tech lead and CTO are notified instantly via email

    • Server utilization: monitoring with CloudWatch, will alert if CPU utilization on a single instance is above 50%, will spawn new instance if CPU utilization is above 75%

    • Peak response hours: 3-5pm SGT daily, average response time of 5ms

    • Error rates (Internal Server errors encountered by users): 24.68 internal server errors per day

  3. Secure connection (HTTPS) for Indonesian website glints.id

    We have just implemented https for glints.id, and will be enforcing this for any public-facing website that is under our official product line.

  4. Team Hiring

    Q3'16 - Assistant Technical Lead, responsibilities include overseeing technical architecture in conjunction with Yong Jie, as well as offload dev ops duties

    Q3'16 - (Tentative) UIUX Designer, responsibilities include user research, user interviews, design of user interface and user experience, will work closely with current frontend developer in implementation of design

    700K users/ official expansion to 3rd market - Backend developer, whose responsibilities will tend towards database management, QA testing, dev ops

    1 mil users - Machine learning expertise, co-opt either through contract or full-time hire, responsibilities revolve around recommendation and matching algorithms between users and opportunities

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