Upper Body Pressing & Legs

3-5 sets of 3-5 reps

Pushups - XR

Assume a front support on the rings with your arms turned out to approximately 45° and your feet either on the ground or placed upon a stable surface (box, bench etc.) that is the same height as the rings. Make sure that the elbows are completely straight in the front support prior to beginning the pushups. If you find yourself unable to maintain a straight-arm support, I recommend that you first take the time to develop this necessary strength prior to engaging in the actual XR pushups themselves.

Without allowing the body to sag or arch, perform a regular pushup. The rings may turn inward during the descent and ascent. In all likelihood you will discover what thousands and thousands before you have discovered; that anything performed on the rings, even something as elementary as a regular pushup, is substantially harder than the same variation performed on a stable surface and will quite likely challenge your stabilizers and core with an intensity that you have never encountered before.

Pushups - XR Bulgarian

To perform Bulgarian pushups on the Xtreme Rings start in a regular front support position and then go out very wide (as far as you feel comfortable) as you descend to the bottom of the repetition. On pushing back up to the starting position pull the rings back in.
Be conscientious in not allowing the body to arch during the bottom of the repetition. A flat back must be maintained at all times.

Pushups - XR PPP

Begin a pseudo planche pushup (PPP) on the Xtreme Rings from a normal front support. From there the shoulders lean forward while simultaneously pulling the hands as close to the hips as possible without actually touching either the hips or your sides. Now strive to maintain this precarious position while performing a pushup.

Do not allow the shoulders to drift back or the hands to drift forward during either the descent or ascent. It will help to focus on a single spot on the floor below your face and strive to remain directly above it at all times. Unlike the previous Xtreme Rings pushup variations, the hands now stay turned outward at all times.

Remember to not allow the hands to pinch inward on the hips at the bottom of the repetition, the rings should remain clear of the body.

Deck Squats

Deck squats are essentially a rolling squat variation. From a standing position simply squat down while simultaneously rolling backward onto your back. Reverse direction and return to a stand. The momentum of the rolling action makes this a nice introductory movement for those unused to the ROM of a full squat.

Deck Squats - jumping

In this variation, add a jump upward as you roll back to your feet. To measure performance, I prefer for jumping deck squats to be done up onto a box. Simply position yourself so you begin and finish the roll just in front of the box you are planning to jump up onto.

Of special note here is that there is a great difference between a hop and a jump. Be sure to execute this movement using a jump. A jump begins early in the ascent and continues to accelerate throughout the completion of the movement, culminating when you leave the ground forcefully. A hop occurs from near the top of the movement when the standing motion is almost completed. It is much less rigorous and will develop far less strength than the jump.

Deck Squats - jumping for distance

The emphasis here is on jumping for distance rather than height as in the previous variation. I encourage the arms to swing strongly upward during the jump.

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